The executives and entrepreneurs who I work with look for more fulfillment in their roles, want to make a difference in their organization or business and are eager to find an effective and powerful leadership style.

The typical challenges of my clients include:
  • seeming lack of passion
  • lack of efficiency and not getting ahead despite having good expertise and ideas
  • stress from being overwhelmed by too many responsibilities and permanent fighting fires and fixing problems
  • issues with teams, including finding the right people who can do it as well as they can
  • conflicts - from conflicting and competing personalities of peers, direct reports, bosses
  • struggling with how to get to the next level and situation where business’s success has relied almost entirely on the business owner
  • time management issues, including struggling to find more time to focus on the strategy and growth aspects as a business owner.

How do you want to lead?

X-Zone Coaching will help you to discover your passion, create an ideal image of yourself and shape your self-concept as a conscious, authentic and confident business leader, who:

  • acts in alignment with his/her inner purpose and values,
  • influences, inspires and empowers others to become notably happier and significantly more productive and successful,
  • powerfully leads his/her team or organization to success through effectively achieving desired goals and changes and realizing projects of their dreams,
  • experiences less stress and pressure and reduces stress in others.

This is done among other things through revealing your default tendencies, re-focusing your attention and transformation of your beliefs and perceptions to support your success.

Do you want a new job you love or more satisfaction in your current career?

  • Do you feel not really engaged and fulfilled in your present career?
  • Do you want to be more efficient at your work and advance up the corporarte ladder?
  • Do you feel too much stress, pressure and overwhelm at your workplace?
  • Do you want to find out what work you really long to do in your life?

X-Zone Coaching will help you:

  • to become more aware of your interests, talents, values and passion
  • to find your dream job (e.g. interview preparation and résumé review), including transition into a whole new branch, if this is something you desire
  • to reinvent yourself professionally in your present job or simply learn how to enjoy it
  • to improve you efficiency, decision making, time management and communication skills

Can you sometimes feel an inner yearning of your soul to come forward, to express itself?

Maybe you have recently realized that you have been living your life too small...

living the life of status quo? You have learned how to navigate within the circumstances that „were here before you got here“, but that is not why you arrived in this world. You arrived here not to walk in history, but to make history, not to live in current paradigm but to expand paradigm, not to be locked in status quo but to shift status quo.

Remaining in the status quo, your gifts, talents and capacities remain latent.
Expressing yourself means shattering your previously held patterns that you have been imprinted with and live a life that allows your passion to be expressed.

Do you choose to move forward? Do you choose to do your passion in life, or do you want to stand in the sidelines and continue to talk about it? Do you only wish to dream it or do you feel the nudge to manifest, to do it, to take responsibility for it? Can you go beyond being a dreamer and be a creator? It all begins when you begin.

Be extraordinary.

X-Zone Coaching will help you to:

  • start manifesting your passion – whether it is a creative venture, a new business or a project of your dreams; this includes help with creating your vision, defining attainable goals and setting in place strategies to achieve them,
  • regain trust in yourself, refine your talents, go beyond your doubts and fears, see more potentials and possibilities, identify supports and thus call into being something that inspires but maybe currently seems unrealistic to you.

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In this conversation you will have an opportunity to learn more about what coaching is, what it can do for you and to get a good feel of how we might work together. I look forward to speaking to you about your goals / situation and the opportunities that await you.

What My Clients Say

"Vlad's superpowers as my coach were his attention to detail, genuine curiosity and his total commitment to supporting me in moving forward. Working with him was transformational and refreshing and brought a lot of clarity to me."

Ugochi Bede-Nwokoye

Head of Organizational Development and Talent Management
Lafarge Africa Plc

"Vladyslav coached me in a transition period of my life when I had a stressful professional situation.  Coaching with Vlad helped me to to regain trust in myself, which turned out to be decisive in finding the job I really love.  He is just an awesome coach!"

Vivek Jain

Software Developer
Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH

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