What is X-Zone?


Don‘t you have the feeling that there is something inside you that is far grander than everything that you have been trying to defend or hold onto, grander than what you see in the mirror every morning? Something transcending human limitations and overlays that is true, that is pure. This is your Soul, your Spirit, your Divinity or whatever you call your inner Passion.

Your Spirit, your Higher Self wants to know and discover thyself and does it through what can be called the three X’s – Expression, Experience and Expansion. The numerous forms of expression (e.g. music, books, relationships, job) represent the waveform of your Spirit.


Another waveform is called Human.  It takes up the vast majority of your awareness, having a whole different set of desires. It has a wide range of different agendas because it generally does not see the Spirit and it believes it is acting on its own.

So it becomes defensive, isolated, and it thrives for survival, comfort, and pleasure, which are achieved through control and power. It builds its identity, constantly trying to reinforce and fortify itself, as opposed to Spirit, which is trying to understand itself. Normally, this does not leave much room to allow the true expression of Spirit.

Entering The X-Zone

Sometimes when unfulfilling job or relationships, accidents, depression or seeming lack of passion make you truly tired, when you can’t handle it anymore, this creates a momentum for the Human aspect to get closer to the Divine. This essence of you, your Divinity starts coming through and reminds you in its own gentle, beautiful and loving way of who you are, reminds you that you are your own Creator and you have freedom of choice. At this point, so called X-Zone, the Spirit and the Human waves cross and start weaving into each other.

If you are on this page, this X-Zone is probably where you are at right now. Here you have a fantastic opportunity to tap into the flow and the rhythm of your Divinity and allow your integrated self to Express itself fully, consciously choose the desired Experiences and Expand further.

X-Zone Coaching Process

X-Zone Coaching is a structured process in form of an empowering conversation that creates a safe and liberating space for the expansion of your awareness and regaining Creator consciousness in any area of your life.

It helps you to live a truly fulfilled life by letting your creative Divinity to come through and facilitating your conscious choice of experiences in your life that allow unlimited expression of your inner Passion. I apply among others proven methodologies of Core Energy Coaching™ , emTrace®-Emotion Coaching and the Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment.

Using deep questioning and other coaching techniques we work together to enable your:



Becoming self aware as a Creator of your circumstances and overtaking responsibility for creating your reality



Releasing of emotional blocks, transformation of your limiting beliefs, uncovering fresh perspectives and discovering new opportunities


Visioning and Conscious Choice

Visioning and conscious choice of potentials based on your true Passion and desire



Fulfillment and growth through taking actions and adopting supporting beliefs to realize the chosen potential

Beliefs Composition Assessment

The Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment (ELI) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables you to hold up mirrors to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall capabilities as a creator of your life. The ELI forms an ideal launching point for one-to-one coaching, giving you a baseline for your current performance and situation. The realizations that you’ll gain from the assessment and debrief process alone will change the way you view your world. If taken also during or after coaching relationship, it can also be used to measure the progress as a result of coaching work.

During the debrief with me (based on the 10-page electronic report with your results), you will become significantly more aware of how you show up in various aspects of your life and respond to different situations. Together we will identify strategies to utilize the type of lens through which you view situations, that will best serve you and those around you.

It is all about your own empowerment

According to the Self-Determination Theory by Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan in the science and psychology of coaching, the strongest and most sustainable form of motivation comes from a sense of autonomy or independence. As human beings, we need to feel a sense of control over our own lives and to know that we are free to make choices and decisions.

In our coaching sessions, you continuously remain in the driver's seat. The experience you will have during our time together will largely depend on you. You can go fast or slow, intense or smooth. You are controlling the steering wheel, the throttle, and the brake.

I do not give the answers, take over or solve your problems for you but help you to discover your own answers and unwrap your solutions for yourself using your unlimited inner resources. I am going to work with you every step of the way and will be a constant reminder that everything is already within you.

I am going to guarantee your happiness
and your fulfillment if you trust yourself unconditionally. You will gain greater confidence and improve satisfaction in any chosen area of your life. It is my honor and joy to be here with you in the X-Zone.

Do you choose to move forward? Do you choose to do your passion in life, or do you want to stand in the sidelines and continue to talk about it? Do you only wish to dream it or do you feel the nudge to manifest, to do it, to take responsibility for it? Can you go beyond being a dreamer and be a creator? It all begins when you begin.

A coach is not a:

Therapist – A therapist generally focuses on problems anchored in the past and works to uncover the reason for those things happening.

Consultant – A consultant walks along a a specific agenda and together with the client, works to find possible answers and solutions to various issues.

Friends/Family  – Friends and family members while they mean well, they generally focus on their own agenda, providing advice, and emphasizing the shoulds and shouldnts.

Sports Coach – A sports coach is streamlined on winning; win don’t lose, perfecting your form/game

Mentor – A role model who has “been there and done that”. A mentor has a similar experience as the mentee and shows them the ropes.

„I had an opportunity to do the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and several coaching sessions with Vlad. In our debrief on the ELI Assessment he helped me to raise awareness on my core perspectives on life, which gave me a good starting point for creating the life I want. I am very thankful and grateful.“

Carla Camargo
The Netherlands

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