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What do you
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Let your passion come through –
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Xpress. Xperience. Xpand.
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it all begins when you begin - choose to move forward!

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go beyond being a dreamer - be a creator!

Learn More About X-Zone Coaching

choose to do your passion in life - Don't Just talk about it!

Learn More About X-Zone Coaching

If you are here – you are looking for a change and you probably feel unfulfilled

Are you feeling frustrated and unsure what to do next? Apart from chasing trivial goals or wanting to get unstuck, you have probably been feeling that there is something inside you that is much grander than all the needs you have wanted to satisfy. Probably you have felt that there is your Divine Higher Self, or however you want to call your inner Passion and Purpose – that is true, that is pure, the „You“ that wants to Express,  Experience and Expand itself beyond the human limitations.

Most people on Earth right now do not view themselves as Creators

and they do not know why their life the way it is, why they do certain things and what they are really capable of. They have accepted their current reality as external, as given and respond to circumstances without being aware of their divine nature and creator ability.

Their true „I Am“ has always been there but has been distanced because of the human overlays.

X-Zone Coaching

is going to help you to expand beyond the limitations of your mind, to be who you really are and to consciously choose and bring into physical realms those creations and experiences in your life that allow the greatest expression of your integrated self.

The Coach

In 2018 I made a decision to become a life and business coach following my passion and desire to help people and be of service to others. My life and business experience to date together with my genuine interest in spirituality and divine nature of humanity inspired me to create X-Zone Coaching – with the mission to help people to live a fulfilled life of self-realization and conscious choice. I got certified as Professional Coach by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching based in Shrewsbury, New York.

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Coaching Offers

„Vladyslav coached me in a transition period of my life when I had a stressful professional situation at my work back in Frankfurt as I was in an approbation period and at the same time did not have projects to work at due to the off-peak season.  Coaching with Vlad helped me to to regain trust in myself, which turned out to be decisive in finding the job I really love. I am still in contact with Vlad and highly recommend him. He is just an awesome coach!“

Vivek Jain
Software Developer
Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH

„As his former colleague I know Vladyslav as a very responsible and motivating leader. I had a chance to be coached by Vlad on my productivity. It was a very exciting and insightful experience for me as I realized how my beliefs, which I was previously not really aware of, influenced my mood and decision making. Having gained new insights from the coaching sessions I felt much better and became more productive – at any project I have been working at since then.“

Dominik Grossgarten
Spokesman on Economic Affairs
Federal Criminal Police Office

Who I Work With

Everyone is Creator – either by choice or by default

I work with people of all professions and ages who already achieved some level of personal growth and professional excellence but still feel unfulfilled or dissatisfied in their business or private life and desire a change, new experiences and more self-realization.

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Book a Free Discovery Session!

In this conversation you will have an opportunity to learn more about what coaching is, what it can do for you and to get a good feel of how we might work together. I look forward to speaking to you about your goals / situation and the opportunities that await you.

What My Clients Say

"I experienced Vladyslav as a passionate coach with a profound understanding of the human thinking and behaviour. His powerful coaching style combined with lots of empathy and believe in me helped me get out of my comfort zone and transform my beliefs. Already after the first session, I felt much better and became confident that I can create the changes I wanted. Having taken action steps based on my new insights I got the job I wanted."

Christian Hofmann

Specialist Treasury
ZF Friedrichshafen AG


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